Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart

By Rev. Brandon Ducharme

Staff writer 

Eye-to-Eye, Heart-to-Heart is a theatre performance designed to break the fourth wall and transform the often singular experience of watching theatrical performances into one of mutual collaboration.
    “If we don’t see eye to eye, we definitely need heart,” so begins the diverse collection of scenes that aims to educate the RCC community about, “…how we are the same, how we are different, and what matters most to us.”

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Spartans playoff bound

By Kevin Crocker

Staff writer

Medford Ore.—The Southern Oregon Spartans are in the playoffs again this year.  Known as the Rogue Valley Wranglers when they first started in 07, the Southern Oregon Spartans are rolling into the playoffs this year with a 31-13 record.
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The time to start your garden is now

Contributed by Melanie Jessee

President of RCC Enviromental Sustainability Club

    With all the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, many gardeners are anxious to get outdoors and prepare for spring. This time of year is great for starting many types of herb & vegetable seeds indoors.
    Starting   plants from seed is a great inexpensive option for starting your own garden.
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Parking update

By Charles Cuddie

Staff writer

On January 20, 2011, a decision was made in Medford city council to change parking.        
    According to Katilyn Eccleston, student body President at Riverside, the city council is over $100,000 dollars in debt from parking alone.    
    This resulted in a new system of parking which may change in the future.
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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

    Lofty goals are admirable when backed by determination and hard work. However, when goals are merely stated without a plan to accomplish them and the will to implement said plan, such statements can be like smoke in the eyes rather than a guiding light.  
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Work Load

By Kathleen Hayes

Rev. Deadeye

By Tyler Mickelson

Staff writer

When the reverend finally took the stage he drug a bass drum and a few suitcases to the stage followed by an old wash tub. As he meticulously placed his instruments around him like a fortress to encase him from the outside crowd, the buzz of the show started to grow.             Strategically placed lights were set around his kit to add emphases to the music along with knickknacks including a

Rev. Deadeye performs during a recent show at Johnny B's in Medford.

day of the dead skeleton to give some flair to the show.
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