About The Byline

We are an independent news source with the mission to present diverse issues significant to students, staff, and faculty; and to provide a window into the world of Rogue Community College. We seek to promote a sense of community. We will report on relevant local, state and social issues. We seek to educate and entertain our readers while we learn to be working journalists.

Current Staff:

Tyler Mickelson

Kris Dean

Ian Devereaux

David Smith

Faculty Advisor:
Vince Tweddell


8 responses to “About The Byline

  1. Ah, a crisp autumn morning after a cleansing night rain. I inhale deeply to enjoy the air — only to inhale a smokers nasty toxic plume!!

    Everywhere on campus, smoke! All the walkways, in front of every building, in the gazebo, the tables and benches – that I cant use …

    Why am I being forced to breath toxic second- hand smoke — and paying for the privledge besides.

    Smokers aren’t in the parking lot because why?

  2. I haven’t seen any copies of ‘Byline’ at RWC.

    Is there a home and garden section covering home, garden, pet, etc…?

  3. Could we submit an article regarding the work we do at SOASTC – helping youth with mental health issues and recruiting foster homes to see if anyone is interested? We have submitted flyers to be put up on campus.

  4. In regards to the recent editorial…I have no problem with an open dialogue about sex in The Byline. I think slipshod attitudes that make us afraid to talk in a polite manner about something as simple as “What is your favorite position” are holding us back in many ways. Mind you I hold my tongue here in regards to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ as this is far from a soapbox.

    I found Mr. Sullivan’s retort to be both well worded (as so much of his work is), and sincerely apologetic despite airing his own grievances to the opposition. It saddens me to see a rising star stifled by petty disputes and outmoded values, yet it is only through great pressure that coal may become a diamond and so I hope the same fate will befall our harried editor and his staff.

    Goodnight, and good luck.

  5. Yes, I was mentioned in this newspaper last spring for recieving the Presidents Award in the 2009 Student Art show Riverside campus, and I am preparing a art resume, would someone be so kind and give me the dates and issue number? It is very important to my art career. Thank you Dana Dratwa

    • The issue you are looking for is the June 2009 edition. There is a copy in The Byline office, G lobby, room 125, if you need it.

  6. Hello,

    I am currently writting for the GPHS scroll. I am interested in being a Reporter on the RCC community paper. If you would give me some more information on how to go about signing up and getting involved, I would highly appreciate it.

    Thank You-
    Gloria Zepeda

  7. I will be excited to see my name and the current issue of the paper! Sure haven’t seen Mykal and Becky around!

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