Show me the money

By Michelle Gideon

Staff writer

    As a financial aid recipient myself, my college education is completely reliant on whether or not I receive aid. Students such as myself are in the “no aid, no go” boat, making financial aid an absolute necessity. This means I am not alone when it comes to the need for funds to cover my education.
    Sheri Muzzioli, financial aid specialist in Rogue Central said that the key to maximizing the amount of aid you will receive is applying and filing early, so it’s a good idea to file as soon as possible for the summer term. The deadline for the spring term has already passed, but with the summer term deadline being April 11th, there is still time to complete the process before classes begin in June.
    “Students should also make sure they are applying for scholarships,” says Muzzioli. “RCC gives over 400 scholarships, and OSAC gives over 4000. All of these things reduce the amount students have to take out for loan debt,” she concluded.
    RCC has set up a three step financial aid process to assist in getting all of the necessary documents and information filed. The steps are as follows:
    Step 1 – Complete the FAFSA application at Be sure to include RCC’s federal school code, which is 010071. You will need to have ready your social security number, individual student information (marital status, veteran status, etc.), prior year federal tax information for you and your spouse/parents, adjusted gross income (AGI), non taxable income and benefits, and any asset information, if applicable.
    Step 2 – Respond to correspondence – Watch for emails from MyRogueTeam at RCC and be sure to file any additional paperwork needed as soon as possible.
    Step 3 – Take charge of your finances- RCC requires aid recipients to complete a certificate, degree, or transfer program within a maximum credit allowance as determined by the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy (SAP), maintain a 2.0 or higher cumulative grade point average, and successfully complete a minimum number of attempted credits each term. You will need to read the SAP policy brochure sent with your first award letter, and be sure you understand the rights and responsibilities of accepting aid. (Please contact a Rogue Central Specialist for clarification)
    According to the RCC’s financial aid information site, funds from approved grants, scholarships, and Federal Stafford loans are disbursed to students at the end of the second week of each new term. Please note that the actual date your funds will be available will depend on the date your application was processed by RCC.
    A college education can make the world of difference in your attainable career options. Financial aid can assist greatly with fees including tuition, books, and supplies. Federal and state funds are available for you, so remember…apply and file your paperwork early, be sure to apply for scholarships, and answer all of you’re MyRogueTeam email. Please visit for additional information and clarification.


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