Rising star

By Rev. Brandon Ducharme

Staff writer

Few would guess that behind Morgan Mornings’ perpetual smile and chipper demeanor was a rising young star in Rock and Roll. 
    You’ve probably seen him working as a barista at the cafe in RCC’s HEC building, or perhaps caught between the bustle of finding parking and getting to class on time. Though it may seem unlikely, this otherwise humble RCC student is a burgeoning rock star.
    When he’s not busy penning and recording songs for his upcoming EP (to be released on May 17th), you can probably catch him on YouTube entertaining his devoted following of hundreds. Of course fame isn’t always positive as he admits, “This one 13 year old girl, she’s like, in love with me. She sent me a picture of her in a wedding dress with me in a tux. It was pretty weird, I had to block her.” 
    While he tries to play down his success, it is hard to deny that at 19 years old, Mornings whos real last name is Ginsburg has already made more headway than many his age have even dreamed of. His fame on the internet has helped him earn entrance into YouTube’s selective Partner Program, which means he earns a share of their ad revenue. Even more amazing, Morgan is also sponsored by Stone Picks, a company that makes high end guitar picks out of polished stone and dinosaur bone.
    It’s hard to imagine all of this is coming from someone who started out using Apple’s Garage Band software to record songs in his bedroom. In sixth grade, after seeing the movie School of Rock starring Jack Black, Morgan  found his passion in life, playing guitar. Despite his parents’ initial reluctance to buy him one, Mornings found his way by taking any odd job he could get until at last he had saved enough money to purchase his first guitar, a Suzuki Strat.
    Things have come a long way since then. After collaborating with a local producer and expanding to three guitars and a professional grade sound board for home recording, Mornings has already fielded multiple offers for internships in Music production up and down the West Coast, in addition to earning the rare experience of getting to collaborate with some of his favorite musicians. “In high school, they used to call me “Young Hendrix” because I had the hair and the ‘stache,” he says with a grin. If his past success is any indication, he’ll soon be called that for another reason.


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