Submitted by the Sustainability Club on Redwood campus

RecycleMania is in full swing at Redwood Campus, and we’re competing against colleges across the nation to see who can recycle the greatest percentage of their waste. So far, RCC is in 3rd place for schools in Oregon, recycling 30.86 percent of our waste. This percentage is ok, but we can do better! The competition is happening until April 2nd and we could really use your help recycling to make this event a success. 
    To encourage recycling on campus, watch out for our Green-Handed Campaign. Club members will be offering free Dutch Brothers drinks (kindly donated) to people that are caught “Green-handed” by recycling or pulling recyclables out of the trash to recycle them. If you recycle you might be rewarded!
    A few weeks ago, to kick off RecycleMania, the Sustainability Club, along with friends and artists, set out to build a sculpture out of just one day’s worth of RWC campus’ waste. We used paper coffee cups, lids, soda cans, and other preventable waste to build a nature scene (complete with a tree, a river, flowers, an osprey, and a salmon). It was astounding to see how many coffee cups were thrown away in just one day! 

This is a great example of how just one small change in your life can affect the environment.  If all of us used reusable mugs instead of paper cups:
    •RCC would have to pay less for trash disposal,
    •The cafeteria would be able to save money on supplies,
    •The owner of the reusable mug would save money on every cup of coffee or tea purchased (most coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own mug).
This sounds like an easy win-win situation.  As a club we encouraged this idea by offering free coffee (donated by Rogue Coffee Roasters) to those students and faculty that brought their own mug. 
    For more information about RecycleMania, the RCC Environmental Sustainability Club, or to get involved please contact us at rccsustainabilityclub@gmail.com or check out our website


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