Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

    I read the February article: “RCC/SOU hold lock down in HEC.”
    The story talks about new devices that will be installed to “lock down” doors and a system that will notify people if a “ACTIVE SHOOTER” is on campus. I’ve been through such drills on Portland Community College campuses. And I’ve seen the same thing attempt to be implemented across the nation in all our schools and colleges.
    These measures provide a false sense of safety to people. AND condition them to be easy targets.
    I can say such an attitude, such as automatic door locks, towards such an event is at best mediocre. Teaching people to go inside a classroom, turn off the lights, lock the doors doesn’t work. It didn’t work at Virginia Tech, it didn’t work at Columbine, it didn’t work and wont work anywhere its tried.
    There is time from when the event starts, to when the police are called, to when they arrive, and THEN if they can find the perpetrator, they MIGHT be able to stop him. However, as with Columbine, the police waited outside, until SWAT/SRT teams could arrive.Even if the Patrol officer decided to go in before SWAT, they still couldn’t get there in time.
    The solution is simple and has been implemented in Oregon to an extent. That of allowing individuals to carry concealed with a permit. There have been several noted instances of where a PRIVATE citizen carrying legally, has stopped an evildoer.         Such is the case in Israel, where the vast majority of citizens carry concealed and stop terror attacks right as they start without waiting for police.
    However, locking doors and hiding under tables is akin to waiting and hoping someone will come to your aid. Would you or any other citizen be really safe with this attitude? I say no, it would not be any safer.
     My final example will be the terror attacks of 9-11, the Shoe Bomber Richard Reid, and the underwear  bomber. Three Planes had compliant victims, waiting for rescue.
    The fourth plane, flight 93, fought back, stopped the attack at the cost of their own lives. BUT in doing so, they probably saved others lives on the ground. The same can be said of passengers on the planes with Richard Reid and the Underwear bomber. AVERAGE citizens, unwilling to wait for “help” stood up and stopped an attack.
    And this shows average citizens cannot wait for help from someone else.
    Once again, being a compliant, obedient subject, waiting for rescue doesn’t work.
    Standing up and acting to save ones own life and that of others works much better.So the fake safety measure of automatic door locks does nothing. Nor does issuing laws or rules that ‘forbid’ any weapons/guns on school grounds.
    A criminal doesn’t follow the law. Such laws make sure his victims, however, are unarmed and easy prey.


James Bacon


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