Parking update

By Charles Cuddie

Staff writer

On January 20, 2011, a decision was made in Medford city council to change parking.        
    According to Katilyn Eccleston, student body President at Riverside, the city council is over $100,000 dollars in debt from parking alone.    
    This resulted in a new system of parking which may change in the future.
    According to the minutes of the meeting, the parking on the street and not in the lots will be shortened to one hour.
    The city hopes to use this in order to pay for the debt that unpaid parking tickets have gathered.
    In an e-mail interview with Lynette O’Neal, assistant to the deputy city manager, parking in downtown will have over 1,300 free parking spaces. However she did not specify time limits for these spaces.
    When asked what she thought of the new parking decision, Eccleston said, “Part of me wants to say it’s better.” She thinks that students would not have to move their cars as often, but also says that the prices of the permits would cost too much.
    Regarding permits, O’Neal said  “We will offer a $10/month interchangeable permit.
    Permits will decrease to $10/month for the roofs of Middleford and Evergreen garages, and permits for the interior of the garages will decrease to $25/month.”
    “Citations will increase from $15 to $25; however the time to pay citations will increase from 10 days to 30 days,” said O’Neal.
    When asked about any final thoughts on the subject, “It is a tough pill to swallow that the city of Medford isn’t taking students into account, but we will just have to cope with this for a while,” Eccleston said.
    The meeting  minutes  said that RCC and SOU were ignored because “Medford has always had a downtown parking issue, long before RCC and SOU came into the picture,” according to Council Member Dick Gordon.
The new plan is scheduled to start early September 2011  and will be monitored and changed as needed, according to O’Neal.

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