Rev. Deadeye

By Tyler Mickelson

Staff writer

When the reverend finally took the stage he drug a bass drum and a few suitcases to the stage followed by an old wash tub. As he meticulously placed his instruments around him like a fortress to encase him from the outside crowd, the buzz of the show started to grow.             Strategically placed lights were set around his kit to add emphases to the music along with knickknacks including a

Rev. Deadeye performs during a recent show at Johnny B's in Medford.

day of the dead skeleton to give some flair to the show.
   But it wasn’t until the first strum of his early sixties Gibson guitar that people just stopped and stared in shock.  Like a southern Baptist preacher he shouted out and grabbed the audience with no intention of letting go. 
  Blues infused gospel started pouring out of the house PA that made you just want to stomp your feet and join in with the music. The show seemed to be more of a religious experience than a musical experience.
    Brent Burkhart also known as the Reverend Deadeye has been touring all over the world for the past 10 years promoting his one man band, hitting every state in the US along with 6 European tours  “Europe is an experience in itself,” according to Burkhart.
“Europeans have such an intensity to discover music,” said Burkhart   “They have more of an active music scene.”
  Burkhart a career musician has been playing music since he was six years old, starting out on the piano before moving on to other instruments.
“I have been playing music for almost 32 years now” said Burkhart “But I have been Rev. Deadeye for the last ten years.”
 “I don’t really have a certain style of music but if I had to label it I would say my songs are an original mix of Country, gospel, and blues with a touch of a garage band sound,” said Burkhart when asked about the style of music he plays.
     Burkhart is one of the many musicians that make Johnny B’s a premiere stop for under ground music “I first played here a few years ago with Larry and His Flask,” recalls Burkhart. He has since went on to become pretty good friends with the band and has played several shows with them around the states.
   Burkhart is not only a great musician; he is one of the most humble people I have ever had the privilege to talk to. I look forward to seeing this one man band in Johnny B’s for years to come.

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