RecycleMANIA at RCC

It’s been almost one year since the recycling program was launched on RCC’s Redwood Campus. Since the start of this program, Redwood Campus has recycled an average of 28  percent of its waste each month, for a total of nearly 50,000 pounds. This is a great start for the first year, but there is literally TONS of room for improvement.

  From February 23 through April 2, RCC will be joining colleges across the nation in the annual RecycleMania competition. In this 10 week competition, schools compete to recycle the highest percentage of their total waste. We need your help. Each person on campus can make this RecycleMania a success. There are over 50 recycling blue bins on Redwood Campus, making it easy to pitch in. Together, we can show that RCC cares about the environment…and that we know how to win. Last year during RecycleMania, we recycled around the same percentage as OSU and U of O. Let’s do better this year.
   Throughout the 10-week competition, there will also be events related to recycling on Redwood Campus, including a Sustainability Themed Open Mic, a Recycled Art display, and Recycled Fashion Show. If you’d like to help out with RecycleMania, or sustainability in general, please get in touch with the Sustainability Club,  at If you have questions about what’s recyclable on campus please contact Katarina at

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