Parking issues still remain

By Charlie Cuddie

Staff Writer

When asked what they think, most students at Riverside campus would say that the parking is a disaster. But what is the worst part of parking?  
       Mike Graves, a student at Riverside, says that “It’s a hassle,” citing the biggest problem as having to move his car constantly.
      Jessica  Tyndall  agrees. She said that the two-hour limit in the lot closest to the campus is the biggest problem.
   “Well I ride the bus,” said     Dave Sheets, an RCC student. “But from where I see it–cost.” Sheets indicates the cost of tickets as the problem.             He is also bothered by the constant monitoring of the lot by parking officials.
   “Most of my classes start at 10:00,” said Renee Greathouse an RCC student, “but I still arrive at 7:00 to get parking.” She also said that the parking machines have broken on her and that she feels uncomfortable about using the 4 hour lot behind the bus station because it is too far away from the campus, and is nervous about walking to it at night.
 Faculty spoke out against parking as well. “Deplorable!” said Julie Brown, a bookstore         employee, “I constantly have to leave work to move my car.” Brown believes           that the two hour parking is a hindrance to both students and faculty and  that something must be done.
  Greg Marton, teacher, said that he is less worried because he has a parking permit, but still believes that parking is, “a hassle for students.” He said that the city “Doesn’t provide good parking” and cites the worst aspect being tickets. He said a several hundred dollar ticket for a low salary student could mean no food shopping for that week.
      Taji Donahoo, a part time psychology teacher also responds, saying that she “Feels like I’m racing and have big elbows when trying to find a parking space.” She also said that she only looks for parking at night, so she cannot imagine what parking is like during the day.
“There is not enough spaces to accommodate everyone,” said Donahoo.
    Many   students   and faculty believe the time limit is the biggest issue with the Riverside’s current parking situation. Now, one question remains: will it ever change?

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