No new leads in book store robbery

The Rogue Community College book store was roped off while investigators interviewed witnesses on Dec. 10, 2010.

By Tyler Mickelson

Byline Staff

December 10, 2010 an unknown suspect walked in to the book buy back at Rogue Community College and stole an undisclosed amount of money.
   The suspect appeared to walk through the back door of the B building and head straight to the book buy back.
  Dave   Towler,  a representative for the Follet Publishing Company who was working the book buy back said,” He walked behind me and stopped, mumbled something then grabbed for the cash.”
    According to Towler, he then tried to subdue the robber but was unsuccessful after being elbowed in the face by the assailant; however he did manage to retrieve some of the stolen money from the suspect during the scuffle.
     A few students present at the time were also unable to stop the suspect as he fled through the main door of the B building lobby.
     According to Detective Scott Clauon Medford Police sergeant in charge of the investigation, one student was able to rip a piece of the robber’s jacket off which is being used as evidence in hopes of catching the suspect.
        Towler     and     students chased after the robber as he fled the building hoping to catch up with him as he attempted to get away. However they were stopped short when the robber turned and pulled a hunting knife on them according  to Clauson
     The suspect was last seen riding down Bartlet Street on a silver or chrome BMX bike, according to Clauson. “The suspect was wearing a light green army style over coat with his face covered,” Clauson said
   Towler was able to give a brief description of the suspect, saying that he was white with dark brown hair; he looked to be between the ages of 25 and 30 at around 140 pounds standing about 6 feet tall.
    No   new   leads  are available as of now, according to Detective Bill Ford. If anyone has any information regarding the book store robbery, they are urged to contact Detective Ford at 541-774-2236.


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