Letter from the editor

By Tyler Mickelson

Byline Editor

It’s been brought to the Byline’s attention that there has been some misunderstanding about the affiliation of past articles that have been published in the paper.
 The opinion pieces “Paving the Road to Hell,” and “Islam, a religion of peace or Fascist Political Movement,” were submitted by Rogue Community College students who are not on the Byline.
  The paper may not always agree with content and opinions of a submission, but we as a student-run paper have a duty to the student body to represent them and publish their work .         
      It is not  the Bylines place to stifle an individual’s voice, however negative the content maybe.             
    To prevent further confusion the Byline has created a Letter to the Editor page to house this forum.
  Any persons wishing to submit their issues or concerns may do so here. Thanks for the support .

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