In Memorium for the Fallen

By L.I. Smith

Staff Writer

Memorial Day is a special day for all of us, for some the meaning is more powerful than for others. However, this holiday means something for anyone living in American soil. It is a day of reflection and thought, usually about those who are no longer with us.

As a former veteran of the war I can tell you that Memorial Day means more to me now then it did before my service to this country. I find myself thinking about those with whom and some who did not serve with me. I am more appreciative of their service and my deepest gratitude goes to them still serving now. It is amazing sometimes how much I take for granted the freedoms that I enjoy each and every day. From walking to the store without fear, to talking freely amongst my friends/colleagues and other small trivial tasks that I do each day.

Freedom comes with a price tag and that cost is human blood. Each day soldiers of many beliefs and upbringings are out there fighting for us. With multiple worldwide crisis constantly ongoing, it becomes easy to forget about those brave men and women who fight for us each and everyday. But it is not just about soldiers, it is about family and loss as well.

It is hard to deal with loss of a loved one, it often leaves scars that last a lifetime. Although something should be taken into consideration, is that they have passed on to a better place. Our missed loved ones are not suffering anymore and that is one aspect that should be appreciated. It is never easy to part with a loved one, but it is selfish at times to keep someone here when they are suffering so much and ready to start the next journey of their lives. No one really dies, they just live on inside of our hearts and memories. They are always with you, me and everyone around in spirit. When the sadness comes over body like a waterfall, remember those sacrificed would not want you depressed about their absence, they would want you thinking about the good times.


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