Student voting has begun, ends Thursday

By Wayne Meeds

Staff Writer

Thursday, May 20 will be the last day to vote for the Riverside campus student government elected officers. Voting is already underway and will continue in both the lobbies of both the G Building and the Higher Education Center.

Candidates Kris Dean and Katilyn Eccleston vie for the votes of the RCC student body to be the next president of the student body.

The candidates were asked identical questions and given a chance to answer without their responses being edited. Their answers follow, along with complete copies of their speeches for voters to evaluate and choose the candidate they think is best suited for the position as the head representative of the student body.

“You have to be a people person; you have to be a hard worker; you have to be objective, and you have to be goal oriented,” said Matt Vorderstrasse, the current student government president at the Riverside campus. “Everything else will fall into place.

Kris Dean
Candidate for President of the Associated Student Government of Riverside Campus

Q: What issues do you see as being important for students?

A: “For me, obtaining a quality, relevant education; career preparation; and general all round improvement of my life are my most important goals at RCC. I think it’s important for students to be respected and for students to be respecting toward others.”

Q: How would you like to address those issues if you are elected?

A: “I would like to work toward integrating the success of RCC and RCC students with Rogue Valley business and civic institutions by promoting partnerships and internships, participation in joint causes and concerns, and the integration of students’ input into common goals for economic stability and growth. I want to represent RCC students as part of the solution of local challenges and as stakeholders in present and future planning of the downtown area.”

Campaign speech:

“I’m very excited to have this opportunity to speak to you! I feel that we are all here in the right place at the right time, working to improve ourselves and improve the world we live in. I have been inspired by you – as well as our instructors – and I look forward to all the education I shall receive in the coming year.

“I feel called to a leadership position here at RCC.  I want a chance to work with the city of Medford and change the perception of RCC students from parking space fillers and parking ticket payers to being seen as financial and personnel assets to the downtown area.

“Students need safe, long-term places to park, there’s no question about that.  This is a commuter campus whose enrollment is rising; we need planning to accommodate the needs of present and future students.   I want to work with RCC administration and the city for a win/win situation where students can focus on their studies rather than moving their cars.

“I want to encourage the Downtown Merchants to stimulate their own economies by respecting RCC students; by offering RCC students a discount to shop in their stores or use their services; by offering RCC students products and services suited to their needs; by advertising their specials on campus to attract RCC student customers; by recognizing that the one of the main goals of struggling students now is to become the successful, discretionary-spending citizen of the future.

“I want to invite Jackson County, the city of Medford and the Downtown Merchants’ Association to join RCC and RCC students in our joyous progress toward success and prosperity.

“I pledge to work for you, my fellow students.  Please give me a chance by voting for me, Kris Dean, for student president.  Thank you!”

Katilyn Eccleston
Candidate for President of the Associated Student Government of Riverside Campus

Q: What issues do you see as being important for students?

A: “There are many things that I would like to improve as student body president. The top issues would have to be 1) we need more clubs, activities, and intramural sports, 2) more student input on changes going on at the school and surrounding areas that affect students, 3) better security on campus and parking structures, and 4) try to help fix the parking problem.”

Q: How would you like to address those issues if you are elected?

A: “If the student body of RCC elected me as their president I would do everything in my power to address these issues. For issue 1 the only way to fix that is to get into the student population and talk to them about sports and clubs they would like. The only way for them to be here is for people to want them. To work on issue 2 I would keep everyone updated as much as possible putting up fliers, posts, the Byline, and word of mouth. I want the students to know everything that is going on so that they can voice their concerns. Security in the parking garages and surrounding areas on campus isn’t as up to par as some of the women on campus think it should be. I would like to write a letter of concern with a list of signatures for the City of Medford to show them that we need better security. I will work as hard as I can to keep my fellow students of RCC safe. The final issue I have found is a hot topic here on campus. I know that everyone has something to say about it and I know that a majority of these are not being heard. I want to be that voice for the ones who are in the background. As a young college student I know how hard it is to pay for tickets and passes. I can’t imagine how much harder it is for those who are parents or without jobs. I am here for everyone, I will be your eyes, ears, and voice for anything and everything. Vote for Katilyn RCC Student Body President.”

Campaign speech:

“I have always been the kind of person who will sit and listen to everything someone has to say and do my best to help them find a solution to their problem. I want to help people as much as I can and being on student government gives me the opportunity to do just that. I am Katilyn Eccleston and I am running for RCC student government president.

I was born and raised in the small coastal town of Gold Beach, Oregon, population a little over 2,000.  Living right next to the beach, with great camping, horseback riding, and amazing sunsets was a blessing but with a town that small you better believe that it was really hard for kids and teens to find things to occupy their time. 8th grade is when I decided to get involved with student government. It was the end of that year when I was elected class secretary, I stayed in that position until the end of my junior year when the student body elected me ASB Secretary of Gold Beach High School. My duties were to take notes, plan events, take over when the president and vice president were not available, keep track of our budget, and make sure things ran smoothly; which as we all know nothing ever goes exactly as planned but that is half the fun of life. During high school I attended many student government conferences and workshops. The most well known is the Oregon Association of Student Councils (OASC). I attended this conference all four years of high school and I learned more information than I ever thought could fit into my brain. Most of that information I will not only use to help RCC but also people in everyday life. After I graduated high school I attended Oregon State University the 2008-2009 year where I also volunteered for student government. I helped plan, set up and organize events. When given the opportunity to run for student government here I knew that there was a reason why. What that reason is I am not quite sure but I know that student government is something I will always love and I will give everything I’ve got to be the best I can for all of you.

We as students are the heart, soul, brains, arms and legs to our college and we as students need to be heard, because without us this body just isn’t going to run right. I will be your eyes watching out for you, your ears to hear changes for you, and your voice to make sure your concerns are heard and not left in the background. I am here for RCC. I am here for change. I am here for YOU! Thank you all! Let’s Rock this Block!”


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