Student elections underway

RCC is currently accepting bids for positions in the Associated Student Government.


Students interested in serving in student government and receiving a stipend for their participation as officers need to apply by Monday, May 3. Qualifying students will have an opportunity  to campaign from May 5 to May 14.

All members of the Associated Student Government of Rogue Community College (ASGRCC) receive a quarterly award of $800, paid at the conclusion of each term. This money is taxable but can act as supplemental aid for involved students.

To  qualify to be accepted as a candidate for any of the four elected positions, students are required to be enrolled in at least six credits. Applicants are required to have a grade-point average of no less than 2.5. Academic progress also needs to be satisfactory according to RCC standards.

The four positions available for election each year are President, Vice President, Activities Director, and Director of Clubs and Organizations. Individual job descriptions can be found in the election packet. In addition to the elected positions, students may be selected for one of the appointed positions: Executive Secretery, Student Senator, Publicity Director, and Intramural Coordinator.

Matthew Vorderstrasse, current Student Body President at Riverside, is assisting with the elections this year. He says there have already been three applications submitted at Riverside campus for the position of president. No word yet on how many have applied at Redwood campus.

Last year Vorderstrasse ran unopposed for the position of Student Body President of Riverside campus. Vorderstrasse will not be running this year, leaving the field open for new contenders. The candidates for the other elected positions were uncontested, as well, with the exception of Vice President.

Although she has not officially declared her candidacy, Vorderstrasse believes that Riverside’s Vice President, Lisa Marie Richard, may run for office again. Whether she will seek re-election as Vice President or pursue the top spot remains to be seen.

Interested students can get an election application packet from student government by contacting Matt Moreali, ASG adviser to the Riverside campus in Room 127 of G Building, or Jenny Jackson, adviser to Redwood campus.

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