Parking Commission to increase fines


The green ticket slip is an all-too-common sight in Medford. (Photo by Elijah Sullivan.)

Students may have to get more creative with how they travel to and from campus for classes if any of several to change downtown parking is approved. Plans to change the existing parking enforcement structure have been underway since 2009, but they may be close to becoming a reality.

The City of Medford has been considering multiple options for increasing parking fines and reducing the amount of time that vehicles are allowed to park on streets downtown. These proposals are an attempt as Errin Constantine, office administrator for the Medford Urban Renewal Agency, says to push those who park for a longer term off of the street to allow more short-term parkers access.

One proposal suggests increasing the fine for citations to $25 for a first offence, $50 for a second, and $75 for each offense after the second. The same proposal also recommends placing paystations at lots along the Bear Creek greenway near Hawthorne Park and at locations along streets themselves.

Even in the worst-case scenario for students, there are still options for avoiding costly tickets and even less-costly parking fees. Parking passes, carpooling, and bus passes are an option for some. For students who’s schedules and finances preclude these option, the Evergreen and Middleford parking structures will still continue to be available to students and others with spaces for free three-hour parking, even if on-street parking is reduced to a one-hour max as proposed.

Students will be given a chance to air their concerns at a meeting to be held Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 3:00 PM at the HEC building, Room 132. The room has not yet been designated, but will be posted at the HEC building.


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