Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I read the February cover story today, with much disappointment. I understand the concept behind the book and I think it is noble and worth the work it takes to complete such a task. However, this cover story sounded more like propaganda than an actual reporting of the news. I say this because you only talked about one side of this story. I am writing this email to shed some light on what I have found while using this book.

First, the answers in the first two chapters were wrong, the errors I found I documented and turned over to the math department. I’m not just talking about mistakes made during the working of the problem, I am talking about the question being one thing and the answer being a completely different problem. There were also numerous grammatical errors, eventually I stopped editing the book and started blindly doing my homework.

The story mentioned the price of the book being low, and your right it is, but here is the problem, you can’t sell it back and it’s wrong. They had paid people to write and edit this book, but then I had to pay to edit the book before I could even use it. I along with many other students, who are using this book feel like we’re being experimented on. The book is confusing and introduces concepts without fully explaining them. I took and passed the SK8 math class in the fall term, this term taking math 20 I have covered little new material. So now I have paid for SK8 and two books with that class, and math 20 and the new book. Yet the only new thing we have discussed has been variables, pie, and volume.

So, I have had the opportunity to take two classes with little new material introduced and I got to pay to edit someone else’s work. When these issues first came up, myself and several other students sent emails to express our concerns. Most of the other students have had responses to their queries, but I am still waiting for a response to my email. Again, this book is an excellent idea and can be of great benefit to those people who do have learning disabilities. However, it appears to have been written over a very short period of time. I don’t appreciate being used as a free editing service especially when I’m paying for the class, and I know there are several other students and teachers who feel the same way about it.


Jason Vannier

Read original story here: https://roguebyline.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/rogue-instructors-pen-more-affordable-textbook/

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One response to “Letter to the Editor

  1. Thank You Mr Vannier for saying exactly what my thoroughly frustrated mind could not. I have spent the entire term banging my head against this book, and let me tell you, a lot of the corrected pages have been wrong as well. I did ok ‘editing’ this mess for the first two chapters (actually ignoring the book and taking lots of notes in class) because I was riding on the excellent teaching from Caroline Bessey in SK8. managing grades of B+ and A- on the first two exams and tanking on the third.
    I now feel complete failure and with 2 weeks 1 quiz and 1 exam left, I feel the incredible urge to withdraw till they get it all hashed out and the dust settles.
    No Math Anxiety Here.

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