Q+A with Gwen Overland, director of “Moon Over Buffalo”

RCC instructor talks about the play she is currently directing

By Amanda Adams

Byline Staff

Q:  What inspired you to direct this particular show?
A: When given the script, I could not stop laughing. Even after the 30th time through, I was still chuckling.

Q:  Tell me a little about the plot of “Moon Over Buffalo.”
A: A 1950s theatrical family hears that a famous Hollywood director is coming to see their play, and everything goes to shambles from there.

Q:  Is this your first time directing?
A: I have been directing professionally since 1977.

Q:  How do you find the time to direct in addition to your numerous other projects and work?
A: Theatre is who I am, so I always feel like I am “coming home” with each endeavor.  Self-care par excellence!!

Q:  Is there a character you identify with or especially like, and why?

A: I like them all as a family because they all love each other in spite of their flaws/humanity!

Q:  Favorite scene?
A: Yes, when Howard shows up to show the company the General Patton uniform he found.

Q:  What’s it like to work in a small-town theatre like Camelot?
A: Wonderful!  A strong sense of community and care.

Q:  What is your affiliation with RCC?
A: Part time instructor in music and the social sciences.

Q:  I believe you got a degree in theatre performance. Do you still perform?
A: Yes, every chance I get. I just finished a role this summer at the Camelot in the play “Cabaret,”  for which I won a Sneak Preview best actress mention.

Q:  If you could cast famous actors, who would be your leading man and lady?

A: I am so pleased to have worked with the local talent, I can’t even imagine working with anyone else (although I would like to have coffee sometime with Antonio Banderas).

Q:  You currently teach music at RCC. Did you have any say in the soundtrack for “Moon Over Buffalo”?
A: Absolutely!  I grew up with Spike Jones recordings; my father was a jazz band leader in the 50s and thought he was a cross between Red Skelton and Cab Calloway. The technical contribution by all the designers at the Camelot is professional and a true delight. Bart, Barbara and Brian rock!

Q:  What are the remaining performance dates?

A: Play continues thru March 7th (Th, F, Sat evenings and Sun matinee).

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