Cinema: “Broken Embraces”


“Broken Embraces” is the Golden Globe-nominated  sexy noirish story of how famed movie director Mateo Blanco (Lluis Homar) becomes his pseudonym, blind screenwriter Harry Caine.

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar has once again painted a visually and emotionally stunning story about death loss and the extremes people will go to for intimacy and human connection in “Broken Embraces.

“Broken Embraces” though not Almodóvar’s best work is still amazing to behold. It is a movie within a movie within a movie, beautifully woven together, it forces the viewer to sit back and soak in the story and the human drama.

Caine is forced to redefine himself as an artist after a tragic accident blinds him. The story takes it’s time unwinding, jumping between two time periods, explaining how Harry Caine rose from the ashes of Mateo Blanco. Blanco falls madly in love with the leading lady (Penelope Cruz) of his new comedy “Girls and Suitcases” who just happens to be the producer’s mistress.

In classic Almodóvar style, this film is alive, the color and visual depth is truly captivating to drink in. No shot is dull; of course there is the signature use of red, but as with all his films you really need to view it a second time to take in everything it has to offer.

Thank God for Almodóvar,:it has more or less been agreed upon that Almodóvar has saved the career of his muse, Penelope Cruz. Cruz shows viewers what she is capable of when given a strong script and director. We, the movie-going public, forgive Penelope Cruz for “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” and “Sahara.” Cruz delivers a powerhouse performance that cements her place amongst the great European actresses, who she and Almodóvar evoke not-so-subtly  throughout the film.


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