Art Club makes trashy art…the good kind



Old plastic bottles and coffee cups are a great source of art, according to Art Club members. A current project of the club is to take old recyclable materials and turn them into art.

The recycled art project was inspired by RecycleMania, a competition between colleges and universities to promote recycling. Recycled art also “comes out of the students’ interest in environmental issues,” said Karl Brake, advisor for the Art Club at Redwood.

Monica Segura, a club officer, was using Dutch Bros. coffee cups gathered from trash and was wrapping the cups with old finger paintings.

“I’ve always liked art. It seemed like a good opportunity,” Segura said, when asked why she decided to join the Art Club.

Another piece of recycled art was made out of plastic water bottles and a broken plate arranged on top of an old canvas.

The recycled art will be on display from February 16 through March 5 in the Wiseman Gallery at Redwood.

As fund raisers the club has made Valentine’s Day cards, which they sold on February 9, and later this year will participate in Medford’s annual Art in Bloom Festival where the club will have a booth to sell paintings from. This money will be used to travel to different cities. “We go to look at art,” Brake said.

This year the club hopes to make enough money to go to San Francisco or Portland. There they will visit various galleries, museums, and art studios.

The Rogue Community College Art Club was started about a year ago.  Currently, they have about 30 to 40 members. This includes the Riverside campus in Medford and the Redwood campus in Grants Pass.

Art club on the Riverside campus meets the second and fourth Mondays of every month at noon in room B4. Meeting times on the Redwood campus vary.
Check with Brake for the latest times and dates. You can check out Art Club online at their blog

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