A letter from the ASG-RVC

Members of the Associated Student Government of Rogue Community College

We are producing this letter to give you guys an update on what ASG has been doing for the Student Body. We recently attended the Northwest Student Leadership Conference (NWSLC) held by OSA (Oregon Student Association) in downtown Portland, OR. The conference had Students from Texas all the way up to Alaska, and being that it was NWSLC’s 20th anniversary it was full of energy.

Those of us that attended from Riverside Campus Student Government, included; Senator Shawnee Anderson, Director of Activities Marchand Vorderstrasse, Director of Health and Wellness Ellen Husel, and Student Body President Matthew Vorderstrasse.

Redwood Campus was represented at the conference as well by Senator Tommy Gulino, Senator Phillip Ellwood, Intramural Coordinator Josh Rush, and Director of Clubs/Organizations Will Tippin.

While in Portland at the conference, we also attended the OCCSA (Oregon Community College Student Association) board meeting the night we arrived. It was there that we turned in the post cards for the SAFRA campaign (Student Aid and Financial responsibility Act), and at this meeting we decided to do another post card campaign, but this one will not be aimed at the Federal Government.

This campaign is to be aimed at our State Government and it will be for the Oregon Opportunity Grant. We will be turning these post cards in on February 12th in Salem along with the rest of Oregon’s Community Colleges Student Governments.

The conference held educational workshops that were targeted towards empowering student groups, and ranged from Campaign Organization, to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights on campus, and effective time management workshops for students on the go. There were several workshops on how to lobby public officials effectively as well as recruit volunteers for campaigns, and create successful publicity for your events.

My personal favorite was a workshop on how to win a political campaign with new media. Overall, it was a fun conference which ended with a rather entertaining dance.

Our attendance of this conference will help us to be better representatives to the student body of RCC. The majority of the workshops we went to were based upon event planning, publicity and visibility, lobbying, time management, and advocating for student groups on campus. All of these trainings contained valuable information and will help make us a stronger and more cohesive student group.

Although, we do not want to just talk about what we learned; instead we want to show you.

My hope is that the students of RCC will be looking out for ASG’s events on both campuses in the near future. On March 3rd at 3 pm we will be holding a Movie Night in room 132 of the HEC building on Riverside Campus. The movie will be the “Iron John Angels” and we encourage students to come in and enjoy the movie and take a small break from studying for finals. ASG will provide free popcorn.

Please stay tuned for our future announcements.

Matthew Vorderstrasse
Student Body President

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