POLL: Should RCC ban smoking?

In a new press release, Rogue Community College announced that the Board of Education is reviewing a draft policy that would eliminate all tobacco use on campus. The policy would ban lighted or unlighted products, including chewing tobacco, on college premises whether indoors or outdoors — except in personal vehicles in designated parking spaces. Changes could go into effect as soon as July 1.

What do you think?

The results will be printed in the February edition of the Byline.

2 responses to “POLL: Should RCC ban smoking?

  1. What about the students that have asthma or other respiratory illnesses? Do you think there should be a response that is worded something like: No – I have a medical condition/illness inwhich I suffer adverse effects from secondhand smoke.

  2. What about the fact that smokers are a diminishing breed, yet another minority group who are being oppressed and segregated? How many more rights are people willing to let slip from between their fingers?

    Smoking is viewed by many as a deplorable habit, but, in all honesty, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” People continue to make mountains out of molehills, casting judgment from their ivory tower as if their lives are void of adverse habits that negatively affect both others and themselves.

    I’m sick of this hypocrisy. Call me paranoid, but how far will this restriction of rights go? Where will this control end?

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