A letter to the students from Riverside Campus Student Body President Matthew Vorderstrasse

This term will be very busy on Riverside Campus.

We will have two separate information campaigns going in the month of January. The first of course will be voter education, where we will be doing ballot measure presentations inside the classrooms on measures 66 and 67. We will be doing this in order to try and provide our students with as much information as possible on these measures for them to make an informed decision.

Please remember that January 26th at 8:00 pm is deadline to vote on these measures.

The second is the Safra information campaign. Safra stands for the “Student Aid and Fiscal responsibility Act” (House Bill HR 3221). To put it simply, this is a bill going through Congress that will reform Student financial aid.

President Obama proposed this bill, and Congressman George Miller III of California’s 7th Congressional District introduced this bill into the US House of Representatives in July of 2009. This bill was then passed by the house in September 2009 by a majority vote of 253-171.

The bill will essentially do this:

· Increase the Pell Grant annually, starting with $5,550 in 2010 and maxing out at $6,900 in 2019.

· Keeping subsidized loan rates low, by changing them to a variable rate in 2012. The rate will be capped at 6.8 percent.

· Increasing access to the Perkins Loan program.

· Further simplifying the FAFSA form.

· Create a savings of 87 billion dollars that will be reinvested back in higher education.

Since this bill has passed the House, it is now awaiting the Senate. If this legislation were to pass the Senate, it would be the biggest piece of legislation for higher education to pass in decades.

According to Congressman Miller, it would mean an additional 260,000 students would be receiving Pell grants, which puts more money into local economies.

As long as someone is willing to do the work then it is in our best interest to have education accessible to him or her.

Student Government will be participating in this campaign along with the United States Student Association in order to provide students with information about this bill. We will be providing post cards that students can sign if they want to show support to this piece of legislation. These post cards along with others from around the nation will be delivered into the US senate in order to urge them to think about and support the Students of this Nation.

If this is something you would like to be involved in then please come by the Student Government office on Riverside Campus in G-building room 128 or contact me at mvorderstrasse@roguecc.edu if you have any questions. If you are on the Redwood Campus please contact Brice Helm at bhelm@roguecc.edu or stop by the Student Government office on Redwood campus. This campaign will end at the end of beginning of February.

Thank you,

Matthew Vorderstrasse


Student Body President

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