“Green Team” launches RCC recycling program

RCC's "green team" hard at work. Photo courtesy Britta Beckstead

RCC’s Green Team launched a new recycling program Monday, January 11.

Following the success of last year’s RecycleMania, RCC’s Green Team wrote a grant proposing a “recycling laboratory” on RCC’s Redwood campus to be used as an educational tool for the college and the Josephine County community, Beckstead said

The goal of the program is to 1) reduce waste at RCC, 2) educate our community about recycling, 3) instill a sustainable effort that will continue to expand in the future, and 4) inspire other green movements on campus. “I am hoping that we will eventually be diverting at least 20% of our total campus waste generation,” Beckstead said.

The program is sponsored by the Solid Waste Agency, which includes government representatives from Josephine County, the City of Grants Pass, and the City of Cave Junction. They have also received equipment donations (the blue bins and recycling dumpster) from local Grants Pass waste haulers, Southern Oregon Sanitation, Beckstead said.

Beckstead began working as the Recycling Coordinator in mid-September but the program could not officially be launched until this Monday. According to Beckstead, the main hold-up has been the need for a custom-made piece of equipment called a “trash can dumper.” This equipment decreases the chances of injury to workers by lifting the bins into the dumpster mechanically, removing the need for heavy manual lifting. Unfortunately, this equipment is only usually designed for 95-gallon bins, not the 65-gallon bins that were donated. Customized equipment is scheduled to arrive on January 14th.

In addition to today’s event, Ms. Beckstead hopes to have an event for Earth Day in April and many others throughout the remainder of the year. If students would like to be involved, they can contact Britta for more information as event dates approach. A Master Recycler course will also be taking place on March 1st to April 26th through Community Education and students are encouraged to apply for this course.

Students are invited to drop by the informational table in the Student Center on the Redwood campus to pick up written materials, posters, and stickers. The Green Team will also hold a free raffle for some “terrific prizes,” according to the new recycling coordinator, AmeriCorps worker Britta Beckstead.

Students can also check out the recycling program’s website http://learn.roguecc.edu/recycle/ as well as the Green Team’s new website http://learn.roguecc.edu/green/ for updates and more information.

Britta Beckstead, Recycling Coordinator: (541) 956-7185 or bbeckstead@roguecc.edu


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