RCC completes self-evaluation

On the eve of its 40th anniversary, RCC evaluates successes and creates new goals

By Kassidy Scheppler

Byline Staff

Rogue Community College has completed its annual Institutional Goals and Objectives Assessment.

The reports are completed every summer to evaluate the degree to which the college has met objectives established by RCC’s 2008-12 Strategic Plan. Each objective is graded on a ten-point scale that represents the degree to which the goal was met.

While the assessment was generally positive, only six of the reports 46 sub-objectives received perfect scores.

“This was a year of catch-up, change and adjustment,” the report said.

According to the report, this was a “transition year,” marking the transition from the 2004-2008 Keys and Key Objectives to the 2008-12 Strategic Plan adopted in June of last year. Because of this, the assessment was already underway when the college was outlining its plan — and budget — for the coming years.

The report rated seven categories: culture, student access and completion, career pathways, data-driven decision-making, student enrollment growth, RCC/SOU partnership, and “other.”

The only primary objective the report considered met was RCC’s goal to improve career pathways.

Culture showed improvement, but the report indicated that work remained in order to meet the college’s goal of supporting leadership development, recognizing its staff, and making the college’s processes more inclusive. Overall, the goal was evaluated as “partially met.”

The assessment’s summary chart included a footnote that said the goals and objectives were severely impacted by the current economic recession, and that categories maintaining status quo were to be viewed as successful.

All of the campuses did receive good reviews for “staff appreciation,” but RCC met the goals only in part.

RCC adequately met its goal of “Support for Broader Leadership.”

The objective to generate enrollment growth was partially met, with a high percentage in each department reporting more than 10% growth. Overall, student growth met annual goals.

With the cost of child-care and transportation in the valley being so high, it is harder for students to enroll in school. While RCC has no control over these factors, the college does have jobs on campus to support low-income students.

2009 was the year to catch up — and in most areas, improvement was seen.

Four RCC officials were contacted and did not immediately return messages from The Byline. Two RCC officials told The Byline they were not yet prepared to comment.

Elijah Sullivan contributed to this report.

To view the full assessment report, visit http://www.roguecc.edu/StrategicPlan/annualreports.asp


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