ASG-Riverside looks to winter agenda

ASG-Riverside plans to counter criticism with action, announces “Stall Talk”

By Marissa Woltanski

Byline Staff

The Associated Student Government of Rogue Community College-Riverside is newly-motivated to reach and serve the student body it represents.

Matt Moreali, ASG-RVC adviser, kicked off ASG-RVC’s November 20 meeting by discussing a recent Byline article critical of ASG-RVC’s efforts.

“I think the article was good for us. I think it will help us address our weaknesses and our strengths,” Moreali said.

Moreali said the new officers are still adjusting to student administrating.

In his address, Moreali called for new ideas. He hopes to see the student government of Riverside “do something new and unconventional” for winter term’s Welcome Day. “An event to rally behind, a really good event. Each of us can get involved.”

That event may be their forthcoming voter registration and voter education efforts. Currently ASG-RVC is trying to register as many voters as possible before the Jan. 26 election, as well as provide non-partisan education about the issues on the ballot — particularly Measures 66 and 67, which are tax referendums.

ASG-RVC is also planning updates for their web page. In the past, their ASG website included the place and time of Activities Committee meetings — which has not existed for nearly four years, according to ASG-RVC President Matt Vorderstrasse.

Chris Sanders, Director of Publicity for ASG-RVC, announced at the meeting that he intends to college bios of each student officer to add to their web page, and would be speaking with his fellow officers in the coming days.

Jeff Anderson, ASG-RVC Director of Clubs, said the clubs list on the ASG website also needs to be updated.

ASG-RVC is close to getting permission to advertise throughout the HEC Building, instead of just using the three bulletin boards located by the restrooms on each floor, Vorderstrasse said.

Marchand Vorderstrasse is in the process of introducing a new publication to the Riverside campus. “Stall talk” was conceived as a small publication posted on the walls and doors of RVC restrooms. The idea came from Portland Community College’s “potty press.”

However, the privilege to post advertisements in RCC’s restrooms has already  been given to RCC’s Health and Wellness Committee. Marchand Vorderstrasse is planning to meet with the committee to discuss sharing the advertising space.

Health and Wellness officials did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

One response to “ASG-Riverside looks to winter agenda

  1. I was a student at RCC for three years and I know I’m not alone when I say that ASG-RVC’s efforts went unnoticed by me and probably most other students I knew. An article like this is needed to draw attention to the fact, that no one knows who student government is and what they do.

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