Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:
I was recently shocked to read some of the questions and answers that were given in the November issue of The Byline. In the student interview section, I was appalled to read about one’s sexual preferences and experiences. This is a student newspaper, not an erotic Playboy blog. I hope that from now on, you the editor, will have a keener eye when it comes to moral correctness. I don’t want to be a hassle, and I read the paper often, but I should hope that from now on you will ask questions that have more substance, such as current events.
Thank You,
Colin Redmond

4 responses to “Letter to the editor

  1. True dat!!, but lesson seems to have been
    learned. Good job.

    On another note,
    I’d like to submit to Editor regarding smoking on
    campus. Besides being just nasty, allowing smokers to stand anywhere and everywhere blowing their smelly, toxic smoke into everyones face, lungs and airspace is
    unhealthy. It’s unfair and I don’t appreciate having to breath in their smoke as I traverse the campus.

  2. I would like to say that everyone has a right to think and beleive what they want. To some smoking is nasty, to others smoking helps relax them. There is an issue of freedom of rights here and if you do not like walking through the smoke then walk around where people are smoking.

  3. As non-smokers we shouldn’t have to go out of our ways to avoid dangerous 2nd-hand smoke.

    The point is when the sidewalk if full of smokers, there isn’t a way “around.”

  4. There is a smoking section and that is where I see the smokers at, not blocking the sidewalks. If you have a problem with smokers “blocking” the sidewalk then talk to security.

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