FEATURE: Will sports ever come to RCC?

By Kassidy Scheppler

Byline Staff

Can you envision the RCC Osprey mascot finally put to use – running up and down the sidelines of a football game?

Students and community members have often speculated about the introduction of an intercollegiate sports program at RCC, lending much-needed enthusiasm and unity to campus life.

The proposal has fans among the faculty and staff, but concern over funding and facilities have prevented the formulation of a concrete plan.

“I think sports are a good idea,” said Peter Angstadt, president of RCC. “But it can also distract students. They would have to leave classes and get home late from games.”

Many students think sports would be a great idea.

“Yes, students would definitely benefit because it would give them something to do to stay active,” student Shawan Phillips said. “The campus in Grants Pass has a gym on campus, but in Medford there’s a severe lack of any sort of athletics.”

Phillips also believes that sports could provide an opportunity for students to mingle with their peers who they may not normally interact with.

As with so many other programs floundering during the economic crisis, the bottom line, according to Angstadt, is that “there is no funding to put towards sports at this time.”

“There is interest brewing, but nothing is definite,” said Kori Bieber, Head of Student Services. “No discussion has been officially started, so there is no guarantee.”

3 responses to “FEATURE: Will sports ever come to RCC?

  1. I think an athletic program would be awsome. However I to fear the funding issue would be the deal breaker . would love to be the mascot though ,now if only we could solve the apathy of student issue

  2. I fear the vast majority of students who attend RCC have families and/or work. They probably wouldn’t have time to participate or attend games even if they wanted to. The question is, is the minority of students who would be able and would have the time enough it funded and make it worth it?

  3. An athletic program at RCC is a great idea, not only would it give current students an opportunity to be more active and compete at a college level, but it could also help to boost student enrollment!

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