Food review: Piece ah Pizza

By Elijah Sullivan

Byline Staff

Piece ah Pizza will undoubtedly become a popular destination for Average Joe Student who is perpetually late for class and low on dough.

Conveniently located on the corner of South Central and 9th Street, Piece ah Pizza (say it three times fast) opened in April and still has a nice, undiscovered atmosphere.

If the remodeling time necessary to integrate Piece ah Pizza into the historical building seemed long, speedy service duly compensates. A slice of pepperoni pizza ($3) with a bottled beverage ($1) makes a convenient meal-on-the-run.

Dough and sauces are made fresh daily from recipes supplied by the business owner, local architect and long-time Oregonian Charles Clarkson. Service is quick – if you are lucky enough to surprise them during their erratic business hours.

Pizza lovers can choose from a dozen standard pizza styles, plus the usual build-your-own options. A 12” cheese pizza runs a reasonable $10 and the most expensive, 16” pizzas don’t exceed $17. A variety of calzones and sandwiches are also offered ($6).

The business is helpfully modeled around student needs and long-term plans include savings opportunities for students further down the road.


2 responses to “Food review: Piece ah Pizza

  1. OK, It is closed, Up for sale too. I would have to say ( never to return again )

  2. never was really good in my opinion, and now it’s gone so no big loss.

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