The Byline made a mistake in an article in the June issue entitled, “Election results in, possible appeal at RWC.” It was reported a male running for president at Redwood campus was disqualified for attempting to convince people at the voting booth to cast a ballot for him. In fact, it was a female running for a different office who was disqualified for the infraction, according to Jenny Jackson, advisor of Associated Student Government at RWC.  The Byline regrets the error.

2 responses to “Correction

  1. so who did when the elections who is the new cast of student government?

  2. William Quayle

    EFT refund and load checks
    RCC should work on getting refund checks and loan EFT to students like SOU does. This issue is worth working on. A student waits days and sometimes checks are lost because they are sent in the mail.
    The practice of sitting on grant money before the student gets it should stop also. There should not be a day go by RCC gets a chance to sit on the money it is the students and the student should have the option of having their money EFT to them instead sent in the mail. SOU as soon as you get awarded money is sent to a student card without delay and it is available for the student to spend. RCC student should get the same.
    William Quayle Jr

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