Food Review: The Beef Shack

By Matt Witt

Byline Staff

Kristie Finnicum said she has been cooking Philly Cheese Steaks her whole life for her friends and family.

“They have always told me I should start a business,” Finnicum said.

About three months ago, she decided to take their advice.

If you haven’t noticed yet, The Beef Shack is a new street vendor conveniently located on the corner of 9th and Central Ave., across the street from the library.

There, Finnicum offers what she claims to be “the best Philly Cheese Steak this side of Philadelphia”. A Philly Cheese Steak typically consists of rib eye steak, cheese (provolone or American), red and green peppers, mushrooms and ketchup all on a hoagie.

In addition to the traditional style they offer a “West-style” Philly Cheese Steak, which is the same except the steak is seasoned with teriyaki sauce.

I’ll be honest: I’m a picky eater, and I don’t like most of the ingredients that come on the cheese steak, so I ordered my sandwich with steak and cheese only.

Service was great, and the food was prepared in no time at all and without any mistakes. And it was delicious.

But for the real test, I turned to native Philadelphian Michael VanSciber, who considers the Philly Cheese Steak the quintessential food of his city. VanSciber noted that although the steak was of better quality, it wasn’t cut as thinly as in Philadelphia. However, the sandwich did earn his approval.

Although the business is relatively new, they seem to have a grasp on how to efficiently produce a quality product while catering to the specific needs of a picky guy like me or somebody who has been eating Philly Cheese Steaks his whole life.

The Beef Shack is the ideal destination for hungry students who are looking for a meal on a budget, since the sandwiches are only $6.75 each.

The Shack is open weekdays from noon until about 4 p.m. depending on demand.

3 responses to “Food Review: The Beef Shack

  1. jesus this reads like a middle schooler being paid to write a shite advert. so much for the RCC writing courses!!


  2. Lyn Passalacqua

    Is this the same Beef Shack that was at the 2009 Senior Fair at the Armory in Medford Oregon?

    If so are you going to be at the Senior Fair 2010 on March 2nd?

    I have never eaten a better Beef sandwich in my life and I am 72 years old, so that is saying something.
    I hope that you answer this e-mail and let me know that I understand that you are on the corner of 9th & Central in Medford every week day until 4pm.
    Thanks, Lyn

    • Actually, Lyn, I’m told that the Beef Shack is not longer open. A lot of restaurants in the area have closed recently, including several we’ve reviewed at The Byline. Piece-ah-Pizza is another, I believe.

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