Editorial: Finish the work on the crosswalk

Byline Staff

Sometime over the last few months, the crosswalk behind the Higher Education Center on Riverside campus was moved from one side of 9th street to the other. Now, students only worry about traffic from one direction instead of two, and Rogue Community College deserves credit for the part they played in accomplishing that.

However, it’s still not enough.

Over the last year, The Byline has frequently reported on the issue of the crosswalk. Students have frequently complained about how dangerous it is, particularly at night. One student has even been injured.

We understand that Medford officials have made safety improvements difficult, and even though the situation has improved, we at the Byline still believe more needs to happen, and that we cannot stop working towards that.  We need to fix this problem before somebody is killed, as happened at Southern Oregon University.

We must follow SOU’s example without paying the price they had to pay.  We need to have lights installed and signs warning drivers that a crosswalk is coming.

Students, the administration shouldn’t be doing this alone. You can take up the fight as well. Write city officials, show your concern. Let them know how dangerous the crosswalk is; remind them of what’s happened in the recent past; and tell them that you want a safer city.


4 responses to “Editorial: Finish the work on the crosswalk

  1. While I agree totally with your comments I should also add that if people stopped talking on phones while crossing they may just be able to notice cars coming at them. I have almost hit several students who blithly walk out into traffic while talking on a cell, looking for things in their backbacks etc.

  2. You are totally correct about how dangerous it is to cross Riverside. I worked for Jackson County for several years in the Medford Library and now work for RCC in the same building and have crossed there hundreds of times. I have seen many near misses and had a few myself. What does it take for the city of Medford to fix this mess? And what about the crowded parking lot under the freeway where students and employees have to park?

  3. i support an auto-free crossing zone. there’s lots of ’em in other parts of the country and it adds expediency to the system


  4. Jane, regardless if they were walking and talking on their cell phone drivers need to be cautious on any road, crosswalk marked or not. You cannot expect that pedestrians will always see oncoming vehicles, but as a driver you should be aware of your surroundings and people on foot (as well as bicyclists). After all, they can’t kill you by hitting you if you’re safely in your car.

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