News: Rogue artists honored

By Elijah Sullivan

Byline Staff

RCC’s Art Departments showed their appreciation of student artists with exhibits on the Redwood and Riverside campuses – the first of many planned opportunities for students.

Awards ceremonies were held at both campuses to honor some of the finest work on display.

Karl Brake, head of the art department at Riverside, began the awards presentation at Riverside with a quote.

“Joseph Campbell said that if you want to change the world, change its metaphors,” said Brake. “And that’s what you do. You create metaphors.”

First place was awarded to Aram Morgan for “Dark Rainbow.” Second place went to Jerome Francis Boutin for “Dog and Decoy.” Third place went to Ali Akay for “Karen Study.”

Rosemarie Botts and Carrie Napier received awards for “Excellence in Design” for their contributions, with Honorable Mentions to Alex Montanez and James Shall.

The awards were judged by Cody Bustamante, chairman of art and art history at Southern Oregon University. He took some time off to visit the gallery and record the winners in each category.

Next year’s exhibit will be in the HEC Building, where half of the wall-space is reserved to display art from students, faculty and local artists.

Beginning this fall, the Art Task Force hopes to have rotating exhibits year-round, like the Firehouse Gallery on the Redwood Campus in Grants Pass.

They also intend to make the exhibit part of the Medford Art Walk, insuring artists a high degree of exposure.

The exhibit is still on display in the lobby of G Building of Riverside Campus and the second floor of the HEC Building.

Redwood students were also honored at a separate ceremony, when an appearance was made by Professor Lawson Inada, Oregon’s Poet Laureate.

The exhibits were funded with support from RCC and President Peter Angstadt.

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  1. aww…yea-awww! Blind here, baby. 1-2-3 cook!

  2. Not much coverage of RWC…..

  3. Robert D. Collver, Sr.

    How can I get in touch with News: Rogue artists honored June 5, 2009 ·
    Second place went to Jerome Francis Boutin for “Dog and Decoy.” Could you have him get in touch with me?

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