News: Budget deadline approaching fast

By Elijah Sullivan

Byline Staff

Only days remain for students to comment on the state budget before the Ways and Means Committee meets this Wednesday, June 10.

The committee has asked for $423 million in support from the state for Oregon’s communitycolleges, but fear that legislators are not keen enough on education spending to approve.

Along with RCC President Peter Angstadt, the committee has been asking for public support during Oregon’s budget difficulties.

While RCC’s Budget Committee approved a $29.2 million budget for its two campuses on May 21, it may have to revise their plans if legislators can’t find a way around Oregon’s massive budget shortage.

“We hoped the co-chairs would recommend a Community College Support Fund of $440 million,” Angstadt said in an RCC press release.

If they stick to the current budget, RCC loses out on nearly $500,000 in state funding for 2010, for a total of about $2 million between now and 2011.

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