News: Student elections offer few surprises

By Elijah Sullivan

Byline Staff

The results of the Rogue Community College student government elections are in. For anyone following the elections, most of the results have been known for months. After all, most of these people ran unopposed.


Riverside re-elected Matt Vorderstrasse as Student Body President for a second year after he successfully campaigned to change the student government’s Constitution.

He will be joined by new Vice President Lisa Marie Richard, who defeated competitor Chris Sanders in Riverside’s only true election race. Students remembered Richard for her candy baskets, criticism of an apathetic campus, and llama-wrangling skills.

Jeff Anderson will be serving as Riverside’s Director of Clubs and Organizations.

Redwood elected included Brice Helm to Student Body President; Shiloh Mantzouranis is Vice President and Randy Settles remains Director of Activities.

Only question mark in the Redwood campus elections came from the race for two student senate seats. The positions were eventually awarded to Thomas Gulino and Philip Ellwood.

Kattie Bell was elected Publicity Director; Frank Hamilton, Director of Health and Wellness; and Josh Humphries is Intramural Coordinator. Next year, Jamie Madsen will begin serving as Executive Secretary.

There were no applicants for the position of Director of Clubs and Organizations, so RCC faculty adviser Jenny Jackson helped Redwood administrators choose Will Tippin for the task.

2 responses to “News: Student elections offer few surprises

  1. and the rest of the positions are filled by ???

  2. I’m interested in directing club events…
    we need a horticulture club, the environmental club never returned my email and the ASG didn’t call me …

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